Dry Diffusion

Scent Marketing and olfactory well-being.

Discover the huge potential of perfumes to stimulate the emotions of your visitors and customers.

Dry Diffusion

With our roots in the healthcare sector (private hospitals, nursing homes, etc.), we are a recognized specialist in stimulating emotions and memory through scent. Dry Diffusion develops and offers innovative and practical solutions with high added-value for end customer.

The original design of our products (simple, easy-to-use, dry diffusion,…), its proven experience in the relationship between odors and behavior, the quality of its perfumes and their emotional impact, make Dry Diffusion an interesting alternative to existing diffusion systems (aerosols, fan-driven, etc.).

make sense media is an exclusive distributor of Signature Olfactive technology to the German, Austrian and Swiss market.


Scent Identity

Right scent is one of a key success factors to create a good atmosphere at your business premises. Stimulate your customer emotions to create a new sensory dimension and foster brand loyalty

In-store product or category promotion

In-store product or category promotion

Healthcare Sector

Develop sensorial and effective stimulation through olfaction for patients, residents and visitors.

Hygiene aspect

 Increase the perception of cleanliness and quality; neutralise unpleasant smells.


Olfactive Spirit Pro

Diffusion system formed by a diffuser unit and high-performance perfume cartridges, for creating a scent zone up to 50m².

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Brand Scent

Miniature perfume and scent diffuser, easy to integrate into any type of BTL POS material (permanent and non-permanent displays, columns, counter displays, shelf, etc.) or directly in a store section or aisle.

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Scent range

Well-being, energizing, elegant and luxury, appetite stimulation, bringing back good memories. It is our role to choose together the best perfumes, tailored to your needs.

Our scent collection, renewed throughout the year, includes a wide choice of two types of perfumes:

  • Original perfumed compositions aligned with consumers' trends. They lend themselves well to expressing the image or character of a brand
  • "Event-related" perfumes, for immediate recognition because they are rooted in our day-to-day lives, to amplify the commercial message of a trade-name or a brand (seasonal perfumes, food-related, natural, reminiscences, etc.)

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About Us


We understand the importance of having a good atmosphere at the point of sale. make sense media creates effective and innovative marketing solutions. Over 20 years of experience with in-store marketing brought us to the conclusion that simple brand and product features are not that important to our clients nowadays. It is the shopping experience that really matters. Consumers like to be seduced and to constantly experience new things.

The best impression at the point of sales

How do you make the best impression at the point of sales? How do you make your clients feel comfortable and how do you make them want to spend more time in your store? What marketing tools should you use to create a unique atmosphere? make sense media delivers complete marketing solutions for shopping chains, restaurants and all kinds of other locations all over the world.

make sense media is an exclusive distributor of Signature Olfactive technology to the German, Austrian and Swiss market.


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